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Official start of March 30, 2020.

We are currently in the hunt for bugs, if you notice that something is not working please, contact us.


How Diversity Investments works

Our system works very simply:


  1. You are investing in DI.
  2. DI works with your money.
  3. Then share the profits with you.


All you have to do is to invest and relax while the money is working for you.

Investment Tariffs


Basic Plan; (120%Total Return, 1% daily) the investments in this plan are being invested in other stable programs with daily returns maximizing up to 1% per day, even if our profits allow much higher return.

Standard Plan;  (150%Total Return, 5% Weekly) the investments in this plan are invested in trading and marketing, results are analysed and shared weekly, the returns are maximizing up to 5% per week, even if our profits allow much higher return.

Business Plan; (204%Total Return, 17% Monthly) the investments in this plan are invested in developing new projects, softwares and other innovative applications, results are analysed and shared monthly, the returns are maximizing up to 17% per month, even if our profits allow much higher return.

Affiliate program at one level 5%

Regarding withdrawals

Currently, the minimum withdrawal will be $10. Once more withdrawals begin, we will increase the minimum to $ 15- $ 20, etc.
In order to take less time to process payments. However, we need to have more time to trade and develop new projects in order to have profits to share with you.

Why are we the best?


1. Because, first of all, we are honest and we will not go as all ponzi systems do. We really do what we say we do, unlike other fraudulent investment programs. It doesn’t matter if you make live videos every day or don’t show up at all, the most important thing is to be honest and know how to run a business for long time so that people love you and trust you.
2. We really work with your money and share the real profits.
3. We are professionals who know how to mange and grow this business, we strive to save from every single thing to the maximum.
4. We have many goals structured perfecrly to develop many sources of income.
5. We have experience in the trading, marketing, sales, investments and managment; And these are not empty stories!
6. We have the most stable investment plans; Once you invest, the profits you receive every day/week/month can only be withdrawn. If you want to continue to earn with us you need to open a new deposit! This rule make the stability of the project multiplied by 100.

In addition to everything, we decided to start with $25,000 USD for advertising. And we have a special affiliate commission of 10% + for our special promoters and partners. If you have many followers and can bring us investors, do not hesitate to contact us.

I wish everyone a successful week and great profits with us.

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